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==  I support the maintenance of sports shoes you Tips ==
How to maintenance of sports shoes:
1, feet together to buy the shoes, please try better at the time of purchase.
2, regular cleaning shoes,with wet, clean uppers should be wiped away after not using brushes brush Meng.
3, cortex [http://www.easternjordan.com cheap brand shoes] should be leather to ensure toughness.
4, to avoid water shoes, prolonged sun exposure and burning, in order to avoid deformation and uppers of shoes fracture.
5, should not have the shoes contact solvents, acids, alkalis, corrosive substances, oil, etc. easier.
6, special attention should be paid to special shoes, [http://www.easternjordan.com wholesale sports shoes] vulcanized canvas shoes, casual shoes, sandals should not do strenuous exercise, indoor sports shoes can not be done in the outdoor strenuous exercise.
7, in order to look more beautiful shoes, we use a number of reflective material or the printing process very much, please wear or wash in the process of the brush do not use strong or too much force can not be used to pull a nail or sharp object such printing feet of the edge pattern positions in the wear after a period of time, some patterns of the surface may be some minor cracks (in particular, the site of frequent ups and downs), it is a normal phenomenon.
8, in order for you to wear to achieve a satisfactory effect of fairness in the allocation of your shoes you wear, remember not to wear normal running shoes or walking shoes, such as strenuous exercise for soccer. To give full play to the competitive strengths of your company at the same time the professional sports according to the characteristics of the design and production of a variety of special shoes for you to choose from [http://www.easternjordan.com quality shoes china], but any kind of sports shoes can not contact with the weapon.
9, Do not machine wash or soak with detergent
== Expert ideas: How to choose a bathroom cabinet and its accessories ==
  1. How to choose a bathroom cabinet
  Decorative bathroom furniture in the home is a main character, is one of the bathroom sandajian, how to choose a bathroom cabinet products, how to  distinguish between good and bad products, bathroom cabinet, buy bathroom cabinets, cost-effective, first of all must be from the following on the bathroom  counter all-round understanding of the product, if a poor choice of products, not only undermined the overall decorative bathroom beauty, but also because of  poor product quality caused by corrosion from skin, peel off,songpi, made up of such a phenomenon [http://www.erainlife.com Bathroom accessories]. Bring trouble to you.
  The bathroom is currently available in the market products based on raw materials to counter points, and large stainless steel combination type glass, glass  plate electrolysis combination category, type of acrylic sheet, various types of wooden boards of renewable (including Particleboard, Blockboard, MDF ,  moisture-proof board, etc.) and pure composition of solid wood. Solid wood bathroom furniture category which, according to their physical properties and  water influx to compare the efficacy of anti-corrosion and so on [http://www.erainlife.com Shower curtain], particularly in oak for the best. Widely used in  the manufacture of oak wine barrels, barrels of beer onto the floor, wooden bridge and so on.
  1. Particleboard
  The most common for some cheap computer desks and furniture, and kitchen, low cost, from processing of wood waste from processing, and high water absorption,  from the opening with the interface, be able to identify the edge of plate. Manufacturers often through the production of anti-paste mosaic really, veneer,  plastic skin, the edge side with other materials package, and then processed from the different colors of paint. Non-performing in accordance with  manufacturers and distributors are often confused as real ones look and feel their effects, according to the purchaser of the raw materials do not, to such  products to serve as a solid wood products.
  2. Blockboard
  Found in a number of relatively low-cost or high-priced wood furniture in solid wood because [http://www.erainlife.com Bath mat] it is spliced together, have  a different wood species, but the prices are so different, because of compression capacity and the production of different wood species are very different in  different processes, If the paint surface is not done well, will open exposure and humidity.
  3. Moisture-proof plate
  Although the board have a certain degree of moisture resistant, there are some manufacturers of melamine finishes, but the plate inside the plate by adding a  lot of moisture glue, formaldehyde content seriously overweight, does not belong to the environmental protection building materials.
  4. Oak boards
  Unique oak wood, heart wood decay, density, texture hard, is a type of hardwood. Produced by oak with mahogany furniture, household goods calm dignified and  noble advantages. However, much lower price than wood, because of the advantages of a large number of oak, the materials are widely used in the production of  beer barrel, wine barrels, casks bathrooms, flooring, and other outdoor wooden bridge. Is to produce the best material the bathroom counter. Oak by the color  points can be: white oak and red oak are very scarce in our country production, the general imports in the United States, Malaysia and Thailand.

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