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(I support the maintenance of sports shoes you Tips)
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==  I support the maintenance of sports shoes you Tips ==
How to maintenance of sports shoes:
1, feet together to buy the shoes, please try better at the time of purchase.
2, regular cleaning shoes,with wet, clean uppers should be wiped away after not using brushes brush Meng.
3, cortex [http://www.easternjordan.com cheap brand shoes] should be leather to ensure toughness.
4, to avoid water shoes, prolonged sun exposure and burning, in order to avoid deformation and uppers of shoes fracture.
5, should not have the shoes contact solvents, acids, alkalis, corrosive substances, oil, etc. easier.
6, special attention should be paid to special shoes, [http://www.easternjordan.com wholesale sports shoes] vulcanized canvas shoes, casual shoes, sandals should not do strenuous exercise, indoor sports shoes can not be done in the outdoor strenuous exercise.
7, in order to look more beautiful shoes, we use a number of reflective material or the printing process very much, please wear or wash in the process of the brush do not use strong or too much force can not be used to pull a nail or sharp object such printing feet of the edge pattern positions in the wear after a period of time, some patterns of the surface may be some minor cracks (in particular, the site of frequent ups and downs), it is a normal phenomenon.
8, in order for you to wear to achieve a satisfactory effect of fairness in the allocation of your shoes you wear, remember not to wear normal running shoes or walking shoes, such as strenuous exercise for soccer. To give full play to the competitive strengths of your company at the same time the professional sports according to the characteristics of the design and production of a variety of special shoes for you to choose from [http://www.easternjordan.com quality shoes china], but any kind of sports shoes can not contact with the weapon.
9, Do not machine wash or soak with detergent

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