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*[http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=An_Independent_Evaluation_of_Red_Fork_Energy An Independent Evaluation of Red Fork Energy]
*[http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=An_Independent_Evaluation_of_Red_Fork_Energy An Independent Evaluation of Red Fork Energy]
*[http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=An_Independent_Evaluation_of_Austex_Oil_Limited An Independent Evaluation of Austex Oil Limited]
==Peace Corps==
==Peace Corps==

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Jon Carson, the Executive Director of Organizing for Action, is credited with the strategy of focusing the Obama campaign on winning small caucus states around the country which won Obama the Democratic nomination for President over Hillary Clinton in 2008. According to Josh Gerstein Carson "is credited with executing the Obama campaign’s 'Feb. 5 plan' — a massive contingent of operatives and volunteers placed in 22 states while the press and top Obama aides focused on the four earliest contests."

Read our definitive biography of Jon Carson and the Tactics and Strategies of "Organizing for Action."

President Barack Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (left), grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma attending first and second grade at Old Jefferson Elementary School and third grade at Roosevelt School. Obama's grandfather, Stanley Dunham, worked three years as a furniture salesman at Glenn Paris Furniture on Grand Avenue in Ponca City.Read our biography of Barack Obama's mother and her years in Ponca City with original research and interviews with people who still remember the Dunhams.
Phillips 66's Marland Refinery in Ponca City is the most profitable refinery of Phillips 66's fourteen worldwide refineries. Based on Phillips' third quarter earnings report for 2012 with a realized crack spread of $31.83 for mid-continent refineries and a capacity utilization of 102%, the Marland Refinery in Ponca City will contribute at an annualized rate of over $1 billion ($1.032 B) of net profits in 2012 to Phillips bottom line. Read our report on the business strategy of Phillips 66 that documents and analyzes the Phillips' plans and policies particularly with respect to its Refinery and Marketing Business Segment with a special emphasis on evaluating the impact of Phillips 66 business decisions on the refinery in Ponca City, Oklahoma.
On the western shore of Lake Michigan, about 80 miles north of Milwaukee, lies Manitowoc, Wisconsin. During World War II, the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company built 28 submarines for the United States Navy. More than 7,000 men and women worked around the clock, 365 days a year to build some of the best submarines in the Navy. Of the 28 submarines, 25 were built in time to see action during the war. Together they sank 132 Japanese ships. Donald Cress was the older brother of my mother Deloris Pickens. Donald graduated from high school in Geneva, Minnesota in June, 1941 and after Pearl Harbor he volunteered to join the US Navy. Donald was born and raised on a farm and when he came back from the war he intended to farm again. When Donald volunteered, he asked to join the submarine service. "I want to come back from the war whole or not at all," Don told his family. Read the story about my uncle Donald Cress.
In 1908 E. W. Marland came to Oklahoma after losing his fortune in the Pennsylvania oil fields in the panic of 1907 and by 1920 had reestablished himself and started the Marland Oil Company in Ponca City with a fortune estimated at $85 million (roughly $910 million in modern dollars). Marland was a visionary and not only pioneered the use of geophysical techniques in the oil industry but was years ahead of his time as an employer providing housing, loans, medical care, and other benefits for the thousands of employees who worked at his refineries and pipelines. But misfortune would strike Marland and in 1928 his oil empire was destroyed by J.P. Morgan's banking interests. Marland was forced out of the oil company he had founded when bankers merged it with Continental Oil Company and renamed the company Conoco. Read the story of E. W. Marland and the Pioneer Woman Models and about the movie that is going to be made about Marland's life.
Hugh Pickens (Po-Hi '67) is a physicist who has explored for oil in the Amazon jungle, crossed the empty quarter of Saudi Arabia, and built satellite control stations for NASA all over the world. Retired in 1999, Pickens and his wife moved back to his hometown of Ponca City, Oklahoma in 2005 where he cultivates his square foot garden, mows nine acres of lawn, and writes about local history and photographs local events at the Poncan Theatre and Ponca Playhouse. Since 2001 Pickens has edited and published “Peace Corps Online,” serving over one million pageviews monthly. His other writing includes contributing over 1,400 stories to “Slashdot: News for Nerds,” and articles for Wikipedia, “Ponca City, We Love You”, and Peace Corps Worldwide.

Research and Ideas is a personal Wiki belonging to Hugh Pickens that I use for some experiments in Knowledge Management and to expand some of my own articles from Wikipedia.

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