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* [[What Ponca City Owes EW Marland]]
* [[What Ponca City Owes EW Marland]]
* [[Phillips 66 News and Views - August, 2012]]
===Phillips 66===
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=An_Independent_Evaluation_of_Phillips_66%2C_its_Business_Strategy%2C_and_Execution An Independent Evaluation of Phillips 66, its Business Strategy, and Execution‎]
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=What_Financial_Analysts_Think_of_Philips_66 What Financial Analysts Think of Phillips 66]
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Oil_Refinery_in_Ponca_City A History of the Ponca City Refinery]
* [[How Much Money Does the Marland Refinery in Ponca City Earn for Phillips 66?]]
* [[Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery]]
* [[Phillips 66 News and Views - August, 2012]]
* [[Phillips 66 News and Views - August, 2012]]

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  • Stanley Ann Dunham - Barack Obama's Mother attended 1st and 2nd grades at Jefferson Elementary School and 3rd grade at Roosevelt Elementary School in Ponca City
  • Grandfather Stanley Dunham - Barack Obama's Grandfather worked as a furniture salesman for Jay Paris Furniutre while living in Ponca City
  • Grandmother Madelyn Dunham - Barack Obama's Grandmother suffered serious medical problems while living in Ponca City with her husband and daughter

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