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[[Image:Obamacarson2.jpg|thumb|right|500px|Jon Carson, the Executive Director of Organizing for Action, is credited with the strategy of focusing the Obama campaign on winning small caucus states around the country which won Obama the Democratic nomination for President over Hillary Clinton in 2008. According to Josh Gerstein Carson "is credited with executing the Obama campaign’s 'Feb. 5 plan' — a massive contingent of operatives and volunteers placed in 22 states while the press and top Obama aides focused on the four earliest contests."<p>
Read our [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Jon_Carson definitive biography of Jon Carson] and the [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Jon_Carson#Major_Activities_on_Organizing_for_Action Tactics and Strategies of "Organizing for Action."]]]
[[Image:Dunhams.jpg|thumb|500px|President Barack Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (left), grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma attending first and second grade at Old Jefferson Elementary School and third grade at Roosevelt School. Obama's grandfather, Stanley Dunham, worked three years as a furniture salesman at Glenn Paris Furniture on Grand Avenue in Ponca City.Read our [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Stanley_Ann_Dunham biography of Barack Obama's mother and her years in Ponca City] with original research and interviews with people who still remember the Dunhams.]]
[[Image:ewmarlandrefinery.jpg|thumb|500px|Phillips 66's Marland Refinery in Ponca City is the most profitable refinery of Phillips 66's fourteen worldwide refineries. Based on Phillips' third quarter earnings report for 2012 with a realized crack spread of $31.83 for mid-continent refineries and a capacity utilization of 102%, the Marland Refinery in Ponca City will '''contribute at an annualized rate of over $1 billion ($1.032 B) of net profits in 2012''' to Phillips bottom line. Read our [http://honorponcacity.com report on the business strategy of Phillips 66] that documents and analyzes the Phillips' plans and policies particularly with respect to its Refinery and Marketing Business Segment with a special emphasis on evaluating the impact of Phillips 66 business decisions on the refinery in Ponca City, Oklahoma. ]]
[[Image:Robaloshipyard.jpg|thumb|right|500px|On the western shore of Lake Michigan, about 80 miles north of Milwaukee, lies Manitowoc, Wisconsin. During World War II, the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company built 28 submarines for the United States Navy. More than 7,000 men and women worked around the clock, 365 days a year to build some of the best submarines in the Navy. Of the 28 submarines, 25 were built in time to see action during the war. Together they sank 132 Japanese ships. Donald Cress was the older brother of my mother Deloris Pickens. Donald graduated from high school in Geneva, Minnesota in June, 1941 and after Pearl Harbor he volunteered to join the US Navy. Donald was born and raised on a farm and when he came back from the war he intended to farm again. When Donald volunteered, he asked to join the submarine service. "I want to come back from the war whole or not at all," Don told his family. Read [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=America%27s_Fresh_Water_Submarines the story about my uncle Donald Cress].]]
[[Image:Pioneerwomanmodels01.jpg|thumb|right|500px| In 1908 E. W. Marland came to Oklahoma after losing his fortune in the Pennsylvania oil fields in the panic of 1907 and by 1920 had reestablished himself and started the Marland Oil Company in Ponca City with a fortune estimated at $85 million (roughly $910 million in modern dollars). Marland was a visionary and not only pioneered the use of geophysical techniques in the oil industry but was years ahead of his time as an employer providing housing, loans, medical care, and other benefits for the thousands of employees who worked at his refineries and pipelines. But misfortune would strike Marland and in 1928 his oil empire was destroyed by J.P. Morgan's banking interests. Marland was forced out of the oil company he had founded when bankers merged it with Continental Oil Company and renamed the company Conoco. Read the [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=The_Pioneer_Woman_Models_Come_Home story of E. W. Marland and the Pioneer Woman Models].]]
[[Image:Reservoir Hill.jpg|thumb|right|500px|[http://hughpickens.com Hugh Pickens] (Po-Hi '67) is a physicist who has explored for oil in the Amazon jungle, crossed the [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rub'_al_Khali empty quarter of Saudi Arabia], and [http://project-tools.com/projects.htm built satellite control stations for NASA] all over the world. Retired in 1999, Pickens and his wife moved back to his hometown of Ponca City, Oklahoma in 2005 where he cultivates his square foot garden, mows nine acres of lawn, and [http://poncacityweloveyou.com writes about local history] and [http://flickr.com/photos/20881138@N00/sets/ photographs local events] at the Poncan Theatre and [http://thebrokenstatue.com Ponca Playhouse]. Since 2001 Pickens has edited and published [http://peacecorpsonline.org/frontpage/index.html “Peace Corps Online,”] serving over one million pageviews monthly. His other writing includes contributing over 1,400 stories to [http://hughpickens.com/slashdot/ “Slashdot: News for Nerds,”] and articles for [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Reservoirhill Wikipedia], [http://poncacityweloveyou.com “Ponca City, We Love You”], and [http://peacecorpsworldwide.org/pickens-writes-writes/ Peace Corps Worldwide].]]
Research and Ideas is a personal Wiki belonging to [http://hughpickens.com Hugh Pickens] that I use for some experiments in Knowledge Management and to expand some of my [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Reservoirhill own articles from Wikipedia].
==Ponca City, Oklahoma==
===Barack Obama's Mother and Grandparents lived in Ponca City, Oklahoma for three years in the 1940's===
* [[Stanley Ann Dunham]] - Barack Obama's Mother grew up in Ponca City
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Stanley_Ann_Dunham#Barack_Obama.27s_Grandfather_Stanley_Dunham Grandfather Stanley Dunham] - Barack Obama's Grandfather worked in Ponca City after World War II
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Stanley_Ann_Dunham#Barack_Obama.27s_Grandmother_Madelyn_Dunham Grandmother Madelyn Dunham] - Barack Obama's Grandmother suffered serious medical problems while living in Ponca City
===Ponca City Essays===
* [[Standing Bear Looks to the Future]]
* [[What to See in Ponca City]]
===The Pioneer Woman Models Come Home===
* [[The Pioneer Woman Models Come Home]]
* [http://poncacityweloveyou.com Ponca City]
===Friends and Family===
* [[America's Fresh Water Submarines]]
* [[Death Be Not Proud]]
* [[My Life in Review]] by Jack Crandall, Professor Emeritus,SUNY Brockport
===About the Author===
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=An_Independent_Evaluation_of_Phillips_66%2C_its_Business_Strategy%2C_and_Execution#About_the_Author About the Author]
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Who_is_Hugh_Pickens HughPickens.com]
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Hugh_Pickens%27_Stories_on_Slashdot HP Stories on Slashdot]
===The Oil Industry and Ponca City===
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=An_Independent_Evaluation_of_Phillips_66%2C_its_Business_Strategy%2C_and_Execution An Independent Evaluation of Phillips 66, its Business Strategy, and Execution‎]
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=What_Financial_Analysts_Think_of_Philips_66 What Financial Analysts Think of Phillips 66]
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Oil_Refinery_in_Ponca_City A History of the Ponca City Refinery]
* [[How Much Money Does the Marland Refinery in Ponca City Earn for Phillips 66?]]
* [[Phillips 66's Contributions to Ponca City]]
* [[Honor the Legacy of EW Marland]]
* [[What Ponca City Owes EW Marland]]
* [[EW Marland and "The Ends of the Earth"]]
===Phillips 66===
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=An_Independent_Evaluation_of_Phillips_66%2C_its_Business_Strategy%2C_and_Execution An Independent Evaluation of Phillips 66, its Business Strategy, and Execution‎]
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=What_Financial_Analysts_Think_of_Philips_66 What Financial Analysts Think of Phillips 66]
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Oil_Refinery_in_Ponca_City A History of the Ponca City Refinery]
* [[How Much Money Does the Marland Refinery in Ponca City Earn for Phillips 66?]]
* [[Phillips 66 Alliance Refinery]]
* [[Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery]]
* [[Phillips 66 News and Views - August, 2012]]
==Peace Corps==
===Peace Corps Online===
* [[Peace Corps Online 1/20/2012]]
* [[Peace Corps Online 6/3/2011]]
===Peace Corps People===
* [[Peace Corps Director Aaron Williams]] - 18th Director of the Peace Corps
* [[Jon Carson]]  - Field Director in 2008 Obama Campaign for the Presidency, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the White House's Office of Public Engagement
===Works in Progress===
* [[Richard Holbrooke]] Former Morocco Peace Corps Country Director Richard Holbrooke - now Special Envoy for the President - in progress
* [[Christopher Hill]] Cameroon Returned Peace Corps volunteer Christopher Hill - now Ambassador to Iraq - in progress
* [[Tom Bissell]] - Writer and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer in  Uzbekistan - in progress
===Peace Corps Stories===
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=PCV_Anthony_Sharp The "Sharp Incident" in Kazakhstan] - How a Peace Corps Volunteer was arrested in a Soviet-style set-up
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Peace_Corps_Malaysia Exclusive: Peace Corps to Reinstate Program in Malaysia after Thirty Year Lapse] February 19, 2002
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Nobel_Prize_in_2011 2011 Will be the Year the Peace Corps wins the Nobel Peace Prize] February 22, 2011
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=The_First_PCVs The First Peace Corps Volunteers Head Overseas in 1961] February 27, 2011
===In Progress===
* [[A Birthday Present for the Peace Corps]] in progress
===Peace Corps History===
====Peace Corps Afghanistan====
* [[Peace Corps Afghanistan: Pre-2001]]
* [[Peace Corps Afghanistan: 2001]]
* [[Peace Corps Afghanistan: 2002]]
* [[Peace Corps Afghanistan: 2003]]
* [[Peace Corps Afghanistan: 2004]]
* [[Peace Corps Afghanistan: 2005]]
* [[Peace Corps Afghanistan: 2006]]
* [[Peace Corps Afghanistan: 2007]]
* [[Peace Corps Afghanistan: 2008]]
* [[Peace Corps Afghanistan: RPCVs]]
* [[Morocco RPCV Sarah Chayes works in Afghanistan]]
* [[RPCV Thomas Gouttierre is Director of the Center for Afghanistan Studies at the University of Nebraska]]
====Peace Corps Georgia====
* [[Peace Corps Georgia]]
* [[Peace Corps Georgia: Evacuation in 2008]]
====Peace Corps Peru====
* [[Peace Corps Peru: Pre-2001]]
* [[Peace Corps Peru: 2001]]
* [[Peace Corps Peru: 2002]]
* [[Peace Corps Peru: 2003]]
* [[Peace Corps Peru: 2004]]
* [[Peace Corps Peru: 2005]]
* [[Peace Corps Peru: 2006]]
* [[Peace Corps Peru: 2007]]
* [[Peace Corps Peru: 2008]]
==Slashdot and Wikipedia Research==
===Writing for Slashdot===
* [[Writing for Slashdot]]
* [[Slashdot Submissions]]
===Writing for Wikipedia===
* [http://knol.google.com/k/hugh-pickens/hugh-pickens-writes-marie-daulne-and/hub5zounu2wt/14# Writing for Wikipedia]
===Diff Files for Selected Submissions===
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=We_Rent_Movies&diff=825&oldid=824 We Rent Movies] Single Source Submission
* [http://researchandideas.com/index.php?title=Planck_Telescope&diff=829&oldid=828 Planck Telescope] Multiple Source Submissions
===Story Stream===
* [http://slashdot.org/~pickens Slashdot Story Stream]
==Expanded Wikipedia Biographies==
* Musician [[Esperanza Spalding]]
* Narrative Artist [[Marsha Hunt]]
* Musician [[Nkechi Ka Egenamba]]
* Painter [[Josué Sánchez]]
* Action Director [[Sam Brown]]
===Experimental Stories===
* [[Keep Your Domain Safe]]
* [[Can Time Slow Down?]]
* [[Active Seti|Does Active SETI Put Earth in Danger?]]
* [[Dog Height Censorship]]
* [[Domains May Disappear|Domains May Disappear After Search]]
* [[Googling Yourself?|Googling Yourself]]
* [[Google Street View|Google Street View Raises Privacy Concerns]]
* [[Raising Smart Kids|The Secret to Raising Smart Kids]]
===Other Work in Progress===
====Cognitive Computers====
* [[Cognitive Computers]]

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Hugh and Dr. S. J. Pickens
Dr. Pickens married Hugh Pickens on December 24, 1984 with whom she recently celebrated 32 years of marriage.
Pickens Museum opens on NOC Tonkawa Campus. Pictured (L-R): Dr. Cheryl Evans, NOC President, Hugh Pickens, Executive Director of Pickens Museum, and Sheri Snyder, NOC Vice President for Development and Community Relations. (photo by John Pickard/Northern Oklahoma College)

Hugh Pickens (Po-Hi '67) is a physicist who has explored for oil in the Amazon jungle, commissioned microwave communications systems across the empty quarter of Saudi Arabia, and built satellite control stations for Goddard Space Flight Center in Australia, Antarctica, Guam, and other locations around the world. Retired in 1999, Pickens and his wife of 33 years moved from Baltimore back to his hometown of Ponca City, Oklahoma in 2005 where he cultivates his square foot garden, mows seven acres of lawn, writes about local history, photographs events at the Poncan Theatre, produces the annual Oklahoma Pride series with his wife at Ponca Playhouse, and recently sponsored the first formal dinner in the Marland Mansion in 75 years. Pickens is presently in the process of planning the construction of an Art Museum in Northern Oklahoma. Pickens can be contacted at hughpickens@gmail.com. Pickens is a covid survivor.

Personal Statement

Most days you will find me sitting in my easy chair with an HP laptop in front of me. I enjoy intellectual pursuits: studying, writing, reading, researching, analyzing, and predicting. During my off time I like riding the backroads of Oklahoma in my hot rod, working out, watching old movies on TCM, playing games like chess or dominoes, participating in community theatre, and, my secret pleasure, reading trashy detective novels by John D. MacDonald. I enjoy theater and concerts and I go to NYC several times a year to see Broadway shows and visit galleries and museums.

Pickens' Publishing

In 1996, Pickens edited and published ''My Life In Review: Have I Been Lucky of What?'', the memoirs of Jack Crandall, professor of history at SUNY Brockport. Since 2001 Pickens has edited and published “Peace Corps Online,” serving over one million monthly pageviews. Pickens' other writing includes contributing over 2,000 stories to “Slashdot: News for Nerds,” and articles for Wikipedia, and “Ponca City, We Love You”. Pickens has written the following articles available on his wiki at Research and Ideas.

History and Biography

I enjoy doing in-depth research on one person and writing a detailed biography of lesser known events or figures. I like to find someone, an artist, a politician, a former Peace Corps Director, or an Oklahoman, that I like and am interested in learning more about them and writing their biography from scratch. I started and filled out dozens of biographies when I wrote for Wikipedia back in the stone age in the early 2000's when they were getting started. But Wikipedia became too bureaucratic and political for me so now I research and write biographies on my own mediawiki platform. (I only make anonymous edits to Wikipedia now usually on the discussion pages.)

Science and Technology

I have a degree in physics from SUNY in 1970 and have worked in science and technology my entire career. I have held such disparate jobs as Geophysical Observer on a geological survey crew in the amazon jungle, running a portable hydrocarbon detection laboratory on an oil rig, systems engineer for the microwave communications system and supervisory control system on the 800-mile long Trans-Andean Pipeline, independent contractor to Collins Radio in 1979 installing, commissioning, and testing microwave repeater stations all over Saudi Arabia, military advisor to the Royal Saudi Navy on naval communications, navigation, and fire control systems (1980 - 84), project engineer, then project manager for Bendix Fields Engineering (later becoming AlliedSignal Technical Services, then Honeywell Technical Services) from 1984 until my retirement in 1999.

Business and Investing

I am a speculator and enjoy designing and executing trading strategies that exploit market inefficiencies through my assessment and evaluation of information asymmetries, market psychology, and human emotion. Over the years I have put together several open-source histories of companies I am interested in including micro-caps that I have invested in.

Ponca City, Oklahoma

I was born and grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma, a town of about 25,000 somewhat isolated in North Central Oklahoma (a two hour drive to the nearest metropolitan areas in Tulsa, OKC, and Wichita.). After I left Ponca City to go to college, I worked overseas and on the East Coast for 30 years. But my wife and I came back to Ponca after our retirement in 1999.

Ponca City is an interesting amalgam of historical developments including being being founded and created from scratch during and after the Cherokee Strip Land Run in 1893, becoming an oil boom town in the 1920's, home of the "Palace on the Prairie" built by oil magnate E.W. Marland, home to Conoco's R&D facility employing hundreds of Phd.'s in the 1950's, 60's and 70's giving Ponca a character of a university town, and finally the continual influence of Native American tribes on our history especially the Ponca tribe and Osage Nation. Some interesting articles I have researched and written about Ponca City include:

Pickens Museum

I plan to build a 15,000 ft2 art museum here in the heartland in the next few years. In the meantime I am exhibiting art in three locations: City Central in Ponca City, at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa, Oklahoma, and here in a 10,000 ft2 facility at my home.


Peace Corps Writing

I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru from 1970 - 73 working with the Peruvian Ministry of Education teaching high school science teachers how to build lab equipment out of simple, cheap materials. In 2000 I started "Peace Corps Online" to document the work volunteers are doing around the world both during and after the Peace Corps Service. I ran the web site for ten years and posted about 10,000 stories. Even though the site is no longer active, I still get over 50,000 monthly pageviews.


Phillips 66

Conoco and Phillips 66 announced on November 18, 2001 that their boards of directors had unanimously approved a definitive agreement for a "merger of equals". The merged company, ConocoPhillips, became the third-largest integrated U.S. energy company based on market capitalization and oil and gas reserves and production. On November 11, 2011 ConocoPhillips announced that Phillips 66 would be the name of a new independent oil and gasoline refining and marketing firm, created as ConocoPhillips split into two companies. ConocoPhillips kept the current name of the company and concentrated on oil exploration and production side while Phillips 66 included refining, marketing, midstream, and chemical portions of the company. Photo: Hugh Pickens all rights reserved.

For nearly 100 years oil refining has provided the bedrock of Ponca City's local economy and shaped the character of our community. Today the Ponca City Refinery is the best run and most profitable of Phillips 66's fifteen worldwide refineries. The purpose of this collection of reports is to provide a comprehensive overview of Phillips 66's business that documents and explains the company's business strategy and execution of that strategy.

Safety, Environment, Legal


Strategic and Financial

Business Segments

Stock Market


Refining Business Segment

Increasing Profitability in Refining Business Segment

Detailed Look at Ponca City Refinery

Other Phillips Refineries

Other Locations

Golden Museum.JPG

Doctor Pickens Museum of Turquoise Jewelry

Click here to join the Facebook Group for Doctor Pickens Museum of Turquoise Jewelry.