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I am going to go ahead and rework all quotations that are not in Public Domain

The issue that has been raised with the addition of the "copyright violation" tag is a violation of copyright e.g. that your interpretation of what constitutes overuse of quotations in a Wikipedia article under the Fair Use exception.

Keep in mind, as I have mentioned when this issue was brought up before with regard to my Biography Series on US Peace Corps Directors, most of the quotations in the Goldberg article are in the the public domain and they have been so noted in the footnotes that I placed with them originally. For example, I quote from the State Department Press Secretary during his daily press conference at the the Department of State. Whatever the State Department Press Secretarysays in his capacity as a US federal government official is considered to be in the public domain. The appropriate reference is available here.

Likewise when Ambassador Goldberg gives a statement to the Press in his official capacity as a US government official, then that statement automatically falls in public domain.

I will go ahead and rework the few quotations that are used in the article that are not in public domain. In the meantime, I would appreciate the "copyright violation" tag being removed from the article.

As for the comment, that the use of quotations is unencyclopedic, I consider this a matter of personal style. The reason I use quotations in the articles I edit on Wikipedia is that I consider that the best way to get a sense of a person's life is to let him tell his own story via what he has said in real life. Most of the time, I precede the quotation by my own sentence that contains a statement of what has happened of what the person thinks and then I add the quotation to let the subject himself clarify and amplify his statement. If you can direct me to a Wikipedia policy on the use of quotations, I would glad to study it and reconsider.

As for the statement that all I do when I write an article is "string quotations together," that is false and condescending and I would direct you to my blog post on "Why I enjoy writing for Wikipedia" for further insight into the methodology that I use to research a subject and then let his or her own narrative emergence in an outline.

I think there is also some confusion about the reason that I use a citation at the end of every sentence that some editors think that I overuse citations. I have also had this discussion before and would direct you to the discussions here and here for the reasoning.

Best Regards,

Pickens 13:16, 19 November 2008 (CST)

Best Regards,

Pickens 13:16, 19 November 2008 (CST)

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