An Independent Evaluation of Phillips 66, its Business Strategy, and Execution

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Creation of Phillips 66

On November 11, 2011 the Tulsa World reported that Phillips 66 would be the name for the new independent oil and gasoline refining and marketing firm, created as ConocoPhillips splits into two companies. ConocoPhillips will keep the current name of the company and will concentrate on the exploration and production side while Phillips 66 will include refining and marketing portions of the company. Each company will be run independently andwill ahve different tocker names in the stock market. The refinery in Ponca City employs about 700 people while Bartlesville will be the global center for the Phillips 66 technology organization as well as the transaction services organizations for both companies.[1]

ConocoPhillips CEO Jim Mulva will resign once the split is complete and Greg Garland will be the new CEO of Phillips 66.[1]

The decision to name the new entity for Phillips 66 is because of name recognition and branding. "Phillips 66 has strong brand recognition and value, and it provides a link between our rich history and our exciting future," Garland said Thursday in a news release. "Our name reflects an independent spirit and drive."[1]